Having video on your company’s web site, using online video to train your employees or educate your customers is no longer just a luxury it has become a necessity. When it comes to getting video on the web, no one will make the process easier for you than Post Factory. We have the hardware and the know how to get you the highest quality video for your application. From QuickTIme® to Flash video, Post Factory will get you online. Gear Monkey even has two pre-lit green screen stages for filming your company’s communicators and getting them online fast.

Post Factory also offers ClipMail delivery of commercials and other content to a variety of distribution companies like Point 360, DG Systems and more. If you need to traffic radio or television commercials, contact us and we would be glad to get you set up.

Webinars have become a growing trend in both employee and client education. With travel costs reaching new heights and people’s schedules tighter than ever, a webinar is an effective, budget conscious tool that will allow you to not only communicate your message, but to test the viewer’s understanding and retention of your message. If you think that you might benefit from using a webinar, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities.