-- September 2012

 Hello again, friends!

We hope you've had a relaxing and successful summer.

Ours has certainly been busy, and it's once again time to take a moment and share some of the things we've been working on over the past few months.

And despite the heat wave here in Southern California, what a fun few months it's been!  From resurged work in advertising with Script to Screen, Rauxa and The Triad Group, to finishing an independent short that's already climbing the charts on the festival circuit, to producing corporate videos already showing a clear return on investment AND handling 16mm film restoration, we're thrilled to run the gamut on the stories we help tell.  Yes indeed, it's been a busy and exciting summer, and we're looking forward to a successful – and hopefully cooler – autumn!

Yep, Our Videos Produce Significant R.O.I.

Qualified Home Loans came to us for a simple, inexpensive, direct marketing video.  After just two weeks with the video online, they said, "The callers are coming!  We have at least two clients we've already converted … the quality of the calls [are] spot-on for our target.  They are calling us looking for a solution, with real need!"  That's a more than two-to-one return on investment in less than two weeks.  In other words, that "simple, inexpensive video?"  It's already paid for itself; the client's already making money because of it.  So, remember, no matter what kind of video you're looking for, we can help make it work the best for YOU!

Sharks And Weight Loss!  Let Us Explain.

Script to Screen, one of the leading infomercial production companies in the nation, came to us looking for some graphics help on their Shark Rotator vacuum project, and once again Jonathan Hicks and his team produced above-and-beyond results with their high-end 3D product visualization.  So much so, in fact, that they immediately brought us on board another project:  Sensa Weight Loss System.  Claudia Canas at Script to Screen said, "All the animations are exceeding my expectations : ) Thank you so much."  Happy clients?  Happy days.  Please be sure to look out for these final videos in our December "Recent Work" update!

Digital Restoration

Film!  Actual celluloid!  You remember that, don't you?  Recently, we were asked by the filmmakers of the independent feature 'Behind The Sun' to "redo it for Blu-ray."  Well, that meant going back to the original 16mm and retransferring in high-def, dirt cleaning, digitally noise reducing, re-color correcting and cleaning up the audio for the best possible viewing experience.  It all sounds simple, but you remember what independent 16mm looks like, right?  All the dirt and hair and stains throughout an hour-plus feature film?  Well, not anymore.  Take a look at the "before and after" on our Recent Work page to see the difference!

"What Happened To The American Dream?"

That's the tag line for John McCabe's new Short Film, 'American Financial,' a look at a mortgage company through the eyes of two executives … with often funny AND horrifying results.  John originally came to us for a dead pixel fix, but was so impressed with us, we Finished the piece for him, including editing, color, graphics and audio.  He said, "It was so great not having to drive to L.A.  Post Factory did all of it, and they couldn't have been nicer.  What a great group of artists, and all under one roof!  I'm a filmmaker and a corporate video guy and now look no further when choosing a post house."  So just like The Anaheim Convention and Visitor's Bureau who came to us looking for "a little something," you always get a whole lot more.

And Your Local Drive-In Presents:  The Return Of The Attack On Social Media!

Remember, you can always see more of us every day through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In AND NOW, via the additional icon at the top of every page here on the website, VIMEO, where you can see ALL our Recent Work videos, highlighting our different clients, and the different work we produce for them.

As always, please take the time to peruse this often updated website.  And, hey, like us on Facebook!  Follow us on Twitter!  There's LOTS of fun stuff generated daily – ahem, almost daily – on there!

Thanks again for being part of our family.  We look forward to hearing from you -- and hopefully working with you -- soon!


-- June 2012

Hello friends!

We hope the first half of 2012 has been successful all around.

In an effort to make far more regular updates here, as well as on our Recent Work page, we'd like to take a moment and share some of the things we've been doing over the past few months.

And what a few months it's been! From helping out local schools and one of the world's leading logistic providers to producing new TV & Radio spots for a leading car care company as well as our ongoing successes with AAA - not to mention the excitement in seeing our BluRay and DVD titles moving up the sales charts - it's been a busy and exciting Spring indeed.


Post Factory is always excited to have interns from local schools work with us, but it was particularly exciting to work with a recent Thesis Program at Chapman University. We got a call that film students there had SET their Short in an Edit Facility, and asked if they'd be able to SHOOT here. They did indeed, and the result was 'It Just Got Real,' an incredible endeavor that magnifies the realities of reality television. It screened at the Dodge Theatre in a Forum hosted by legendary Director John Badham. Congrats to all the film students out there that still find magic in this crazy business!


Wow. And that's what just ONE of the many Ingram Micro Logistic Centers throughout the world can ship for you. From a toy you bought online to what computer manufacturers ship on any given day, Ingram Micro is the leader in shipping from A to B, no matter where in the world A and B are. Through our Phase 3 Films production company, we produced - including some truly incredible graphics work - their new Logistics Overview Video showcasing just how impressive their capabilities are. You think "a shipping warehouse" isn't exciting? Take a look for yourself on our Recent Work Page and tell me this is JUST "a shipping warehouse." Yeah. Wow, indeed.


While longtime clients and friends of Post Factory, it was a pleasure to officially work with them again, on two new TV Spots, two new Radio Spots, and three of their new celebrated website "QuikTips" programs. Once again through our Phase 3 Films production company, we were able to utilize our facility in the way it's truly at its best: all encompassing. From helping flesh out their scripts and boards, to shooting, editing and finishing, all the way through DG Fast Channel delivery, Meguiar's was ecstatic to be back at their favorite "one stop shop."


In addition to our Recent Work Page, where you can see our (ahem) most recent work, please also visit our Vimeo Portfolio --

-- where you can see ALL our recent work, including the additional pieces we did for both The Anaheim Orange County Convention & Visitor's Bureau and Meguiar's, as well as pieces you might have missed before. As we plan to update this website much more regularly with the MOST recent work, you can always find things through Vimeo that we're indeed proud to continuously showcase.

As always, please take the time to peruse this updated website - including liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter (where we send out much more regular updates).

And we look forward to hearing from you -- and hopefully working with you -- soon!

Best ...

-- MARCH 2012

Hello friends.

We hope everyone is enjoying a healthy and prosperous new year. Sure it’s March, but we’re still in the first quarter of 2012, so that’s not TOO late to wish you happy new year, is it? Is it? (Crickets?) Our apologies, as it’s indeed been too long since we’ve updated information here, but we’re happy to blame that on being busy working, restructuring in a recovering economy, and coming out of the last year-plus just a little bit stronger than when we went in. Not too shabby for a brand new first quarter!

And there have indeed been a lot of changes here recently. If you take a look at our Recent Work page here on the website, you’ll see five new videos highlighting different projects – and different aspects of what we’ve been up to – in the past several months. From an Independent Feature to a Music Video to a Blu Ray Concert DVD to continued relationships with Corporate and Medical companies, we’re always excited to work on different things; often simultaneously.


Post Factory is excited to be working with both The Automobile Club of California and Econolite in helping both companies brand upcoming technological advances. For AAA, we helped promote their new Teen Safe Driver Program, helping parents and teens learn and practice safer driving skills. For Econolite, we’re helping promote two new advances in traffic management. You’ve probably seen those cameras on top of traffic lights and street lamps. What are they doing? Ticketing me as I run a yellow? On the contrary, they’re monitoring vehicle and pedestrian traffic to better mitigate congestion, exhaust emission and prevent accidents; yes, they even help prevent accidents. Proud work for us indeed as we help companies create safer streets for everyone.


Over the past six months we’ve been working on two separate videos for the Anaheim Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau spotlighting the major renovation The Anaheim Convention Center is making with its new outdoor Grand Plaza, opening January 2013. The first video discusses the simplicity of the construction, minimizing any effect on the Convention Center itself, while greatly enhancing that very space. The second video shows off the proposed space with graphic visualization to show you what’s there, and what it will become. Impressive for Anaheim? Impressive for us all. Look out for the videos themselves in the next couple of months.


Post Factory and Daniel E Catullo III have been working together on a myriad of projects recently, most notably the SD & Blu Ray Concert DVD sets for ‘Alter Bridge’ “Live At Wembley” and the Diamond Artest music video “Fighter.” The Alter Bridge project had us in from the get-go on the Concert and Documentary material, including editing for 2D and 3D – yep, 3D! – as well as the menu and authoring design. The “Fighter” project was especially gratifying as Diamond, only eight years old, has successfully beat cancer, and all the proceeds of her song go to Children’s Cancer Research. We have more projects with Mr. Catullo coming soon so watch the web site and Facebook for updates.


Post Factory is always proud to continue its work with several corporate and medical companies, including our work with Beard Boy Productions for West Coast University, and SVC International for Edwards Lifesciences. We’ve not only completed a series of spots for West Coast University, one of which is on the Recent Work Page, but we continue our work with SVC in being welcomed into E.R.s as actual surgeries occur, to capture that footage. (And you think getting vetted for a passport is tough?)

So, remember, when you work here or even visit, be ready for everything from traffic lights to rock’n’roll to open-heart surgery to play on our monitors!

Please take the time to peruse the updated website – including liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter (where we send out much more regular updates, we promise!) – and we look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully working with you, soon!

Best to you and yours ...

-- JULY 2011

As our busy summer comes to an end, we wanted to update you on some new team members that we have added over the past few months. Michael Holland joins Post Factory as our Director of Operations after a fifteen year career in Los Angeles.

Michael began at Modern Videofilm, where he worked as a Post Supervisor and Director of Digital Cinema, helping launch the medium, including the first digitally projected feature, ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.’ He then worked as a Digital Intermediate Producer at Technicolor and Postworks, including on the hit phenomenon, ‘Twilight.’ Most recently he was a Post Supervisor at Encore Hollywood, where he worked on ‘NCIS,’ ‘CSI:NY’ and ‘Glee.’ With both Production and Post Production backgrounds, we’re excited to have him here at Post Factory, where he’ll help us continue to grow on both fronts.

Ed Personius has joined Post Factory to head up our business development efforts. Ed comes to Post Factory with a 20 year background in direct marketing, sales and advertising. Ed has an uncanny way of helping clients find new and creative solutions to the challenges that they face every day. Ed’s experience includes managing radio stations and running an advertising agency. Ed has also worked for Crawford Broadcasting and has been an innovator in the digital signage industry.

Please welcome both of these guys to our team and look to hear from them soon.

-- January 2010


It's been a while since you have heard from us. The fourth quarter of 2009 was full of activity here at Post Factory. We have been diligently cranking out numerous episodes of an ongoing project for Mick Victor of I-MOBIUS and his client Pioneer, along with a myriad of commercials, training videos and marketing projects for clients like G&M Plumbing, Marshall Advertising and SVC International, just to name a few. Be sure to visit our website to check some of them out.


Post Factory and editor dB Bracamontes recently completed six months of editorial and finishing on the feature film “The Bleeding” for Crush Films starring Michael Madsen, Armand Assante and Michael Matthias. Crush Films chose to work with Post Factory to get the phenomenal talents of dB in a one-stop shop facility that could handle the entire project from start to finish and meet the strict deadline. dB and motion design genius Patrick Martinez also crafted the super cool title sequence. Watch the trailer here and look for more feature projects coming out of Post Factory.


After a nationwide search, Post Factory is pleased to announce the addition of Dan Swierenga to its growing team of talent. Sneaking Dan away from industry leader OPT1MUS in Chicago was no small feat, but once Dan flew out and saw the lush boutique setting that he would be working in, the choice was easy. "Post Factory is like OPT1MUS on a boutique scale," said Dan after his initial visit. "They have every facet of an upper echelon post facility and a great staff to back it up." As you see Dan working in our Edit and Smoke bays, be sure to stop by and remind him how warm it is here in January compared to Chicago.


Eight years of sonic bliss have come to an end with Chris Potter departing Post Factory to pursue other interests. We will miss Chris greatly and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. In the interim, Joe Pileggi and Zack Dingman from Audio By The Bay will be covering Post Factory's audio needs, so for a short time you'll be able to enjoy their talented company on your projects. However, with a large slate of movies, TV shows and commercial projects launching this month we are furiously looking for Post Factory’s next Sound Designer. If you know of a talented individual that you think would fit the bill, have them contact us at immediately.

-- March 2009


Award winning commercial, feature trailer editor and Orange County resident “dB” Bracamontes has edited with some of the most sought after Directors and Advertising Agencies in the industry. The short list includes Michael Bay, Tony Scott, Tarsem Singh, and Ridley Scott. On the agency side he has worked closely with BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dailey & Associates and Foote, Cone & Belding.

dB recently edited BBDO and Tony's Scott's "Dodge Ram Challenge" campaign. This campaign has become famous as being the defining point in the intersection of broadcast advertising and web entertainment. The campaign includes a number of TV spots along with 8 to 10 minute webisodes which can be viewed online at The interesting thing about working with Tony, dB explains, “…is that Tony shoots tons and tons of footage but he gives you a lot of creative autonomy to come up with something that's just gonna blow him away. It’s my job to create the experience, and add magic to it.”

dB goes on to say that cutting with Michael Bay is a whole different experience. “It's like taking a shot of adrenalin every day and you better bring your A-game. I remember after Christmas that Bay wanted me to cut something kick-ass on Transformers 2 but he didn't give me any direction. I overheard him say to his assistant, ‘I don't have time to deal with it right now - dB will just have to figure it out!’ So after hearing that I felt energized and cut what I feel is the best sequence of my life and Bay keeps calling, which is the ultimate test of anyone’s work.”

The bottom line from dB? “Don’t compromise on creative …ever. There’s always a way around any obstacle - a shot that you don’t have or a post budget that’s not quite what you want it to be. I’ve walked into situations where an agency had half the footage they needed and we still crafted an award winning spot and Post Factory’s got my back on this, that’s why I’m here.”

Today, we at Post Factory are proud to announce our exclusive Orange County representation of editor dB Bracamontes. When dB is not schlepping his way to Santa Monica or Hollywood, you can find him in one of our HD Avid Suites creating magic and having a grande non-fat cappuccino in hand. Come visit Post Factory and experience what it’s like to work with one of the best in the business.


Sound for Picture - "The Glue Factory"

There’s an old adage in the sound business that says, “See a bird; hear a bird”. While this would seem a simple and obvious bit of instruction, it only hints at the detail, relatively subliminal at times, with which audio people approach sound for picture projects.

Post-production sound editors and mixers provide often overlooked but vital behind-the-scenes contributions to visual media. So much that another old adage states, “a good soundtrack is one that nobody notices”. And there’s the rub. Even the briefest edited dialog scene in its raw state usually contains so many mismatched levels and tonal quality differences that these discrepancies themselves become a distraction to the viewer. Toss in the complications of a low budget shoot, or an unfriendly sound location and the disturbances multiply exponentially.

Equal parts utility mechanic, paramedic and creative artist, post-production sound people wield an unwavering focus to first, serve the king – and dialog is usually king. At the same time they conduct innumerable hidden details to balance emotion and intention, to reveal the experiences of on-screen characters, or communicate the changes of mood and energy for an entire story as it unfolds. Doubters need only watch a movie with the sound off to feel the loss of connection or interest with the material.

If you’d like to see the difference the work of our post sound editor/mixer Chris Potter can make to your production, visit the talent page to listen and watch.

-- December 2008

Calling All Editors!

Post Factory, Orange County’s premier post-production company, is looking for talented editors and assistant editors for a large slate of new projects beginning in January 2009. Respondents should have at least three years experience in the broadcast television arena and be familiar with both Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro. The ideal candidate will also have experience in HD tape formats like DVCPro HD, HDCAM and HDCAMSR, as well as experience with tapeless workflows like P2 and RED.

Full time and part time positions are available for both editors and assistant editors. Please email resume and salary history to

Calimax Crosses the Border

Post Factory was recently called on by G-Force Productions to create a series of Christmas commercials for agency Trevino Creativo and client Calimax, a Baja California based grocery chain. The spots involved extensive 3D animation and compositing and a quick turn around.

G-Force producer Kimberly DuBois noted, “Jonathan and Patrick did an outstanding job achieving the vision of Calimax and worked tirelessly to meet our deadline. I greatly appreciated Chris' foresight in bringing in Arturo to make the client feel comfortable and of course, Jeremy who hustled in the first place to get me a budget that worked. We delivered more than they expected despite the very challenging time constraints. The spots look awesome. It was an ambitious project and I could not have accomplished it without the incredible teamwork that Post Factory displayed during pre-production, shooting and post-production.”

When you need great creative, on time and on budget, make Post Factory your first and only call.

Focus On Audio - Radio Spots

“Theater of the Mind” - Flying through exploding flak in a vintage bomber somewhere over London… Confronting a tribe of blood-thirsty cannibals in the jungles of New Guinea… Trying to keep ahead of charging bulls in the streets of Pamplona… Expensive to shoot? You better believe it! But not so tough to realize through the medium of radio.

Whether your setting is an old west shoot-out, a locker room before the big game, or a spaceport drive-thru window, our genius mixer Chris Potter has the resources and chops to bring your ideas to the airwaves. He’s been at it for decades. “When I started recording in L.A., a lot of the real giants in radio advertising were in their prime. I cut my teeth with luminaries like Paul Frees, June Foray, Bob Ridgely and Percy Rodrigues, just to name a few. I’d always loved radio because of its unlimited potential for imaginative storytelling. Getting to capture hilarious performances from the best talent and help create crazy, high concept scenarios for freewheeling writers and producers was all in a day’s work. It was really a playground, and an education I couldn’t buy anywhere,” says Chris.

That experience comes into play in every session Chris does at Post Factory, from gathering voice casting demos and recording talent, to researching and tailoring just the right music. “Over the years I’ve had the great fortune to work with new generations of talented voice artists, writers and producers, and I’ve learned something new from every one of them. In this type of work, your apprenticeship is for life.” In today’s lean economy, the relative cost efficiencies of radio advertising make it an attractive alternative, or supplement, to traditional TV spots. “Not too long ago, a client had the goal of condensing a reading of Moby Dick into a 30-second radio spot. Great idea and great fun to produce!” The result can be heard as the last spot on Chris’ radio reel. Just take a listen.

-- October 2008

HD Switch Approaches!

All DTV, All the Time - On February 17, 2009 all full-power broadcast television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting only in digital. Digital broadcasting will allow stations to offer high definition picture and sound quality as well as additional channels. According to Reuters, 30 percent of all U.S. households already own HDTV's. That number is projected to rise to 45 percent by the end of this year. The February conversion to digital is likely to make that percentage accelerate in early 2009. According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, TV networks and most TV stations are likely to start requiring new commercials to be delivered in HD format by mid-2009. This combined with the fact that 90 percent of the source footage we currently see here at Post Factory is already HD or film transferred to HD gives a strong indication of where things are headed. If you’re not shooting and finishing in HD, you really need to make the switch today. Give us a call and ask us how you can finish in HD for virtually the same cost as finishing in SD!

Beard Boy Productions - Brings Hollywood to the Midwest.

The only way to fly! - Zeis Group flys in from St. Louis MO to shoot and edit in Hollywood, but found Hollywood just too cost prohibitive. Enter Beard Boy Productions to the rescue; a three spot package for Southwest Bank was shot, edited and delivered in a blistering fast three days. Shot on HDCAM on day one. Editorial, graphics and sweetening on day two. Client revisions and tapeless delivery to the stations in St. Louis on day three! This impressive time frame was only possible with the capabilities of the Post Factory team. Producer Mike Smith says, "I brought this project to Post Factory because I needed to impress my client with both the facility and hospitality, but more importantly I knew that Post Factory would deliver uptown quality spots on time and under budget." With editorial, graphics and audio all under one roof and all connected to AVID’s Unity shared storage, Beard Boy was working with the same footage in all three bays at the same time. "We planned to work in L.A., but the costs were just out of reach, working with Beard Boy Productions and Post Factory was half the cost of any of the L.A. shops." said Creative Director Charley Craig. If you’re looking to take your post "first class" look no further than the team at Post Factory.

Caudill & Associates - Big Finish for Web Spot

High Def taken to the next level – Post Factory was called on by Caudill & Associates to put some polish on several direct response spots. Editorial was done in house at Caudill on the Avid Media Composer and then moved over to Post Factory’s Smoke for the digital makeup and finishing magic. Shot on HDCAM and DVCPro 50 Post Factory mixed HD and SD footage in the Smoke with no issues, in fact the HDCAM allowed us to go in and de-focus the backgrounds and brighten the eyes on the main talent Katharine McPhee. Audio engineer Chris Potter put his talents to work to smooth out the audio wrinkles and spin up a superb mix. The final versioning and mastering was then output to Digital Betacam. The spots are currently running on the SkiniD web site at You too can benefit from the talented finishing artists here at Post Factory. Give us a call today to put a big finish on your next project!

-- September 2008

Post Factory is proud to announce the launch of its new web site! The new site makes many significant improvements over the previous site including our new Client Resource area for the easy exchange of files in a secure environment.

Post Factory would also like to announce that Jeremy Kientz has joined Post Factory as Executive Producer. Prior to joining Post Factory, Jeremy worked in both the corporate sales and broadcast media fields. He holds a degree from California State University Fullerton in Radio, Television & Film. Jeremy will be taking what we have heard from our clients over the past few years and improving our service. Look forward to hearing from him soon.

Post Factory is here to help you with all your media needs from TV commercials and radio spots to web video and DVDs. Give us a call and we will help you address the new file based workflows and the new high definition formats.

Enjoy the new site!

Post Factory